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Economic doj for Workers Asian migrant workers are frequently trapped in low-wage jobs, earning as little as $1.40/hour and no work time pay. AALDEF litigates pay and hour cases on behalf of Asian migrant workers and facilitates their organizing efforts in several industries: restaurants, clothing factories, hotels, arrest salons, construction, and home-style service. In 2008, AALDEF won a $4.6 one thousand thousand judgment on behalf of 36 Chinese take-out delivery workers who were salaried at a lower place marginal wage at two Saigon Grill restaurants in Manhattan.

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Despite an overall declination in engagement of voters nether 30 between 20, way out enquiry data from 2012 showed a figure of young voters went to the polls for President Obama, especially in swing states. The power of the juvenile balloting has not gone unnoticed by Democrats and Republicans, who are hoping to court the author than 46 million eligible 18 to 29-year-old voters ahead of the 2016 election. And with a speedily healthy Asian-American citizenry that is expected to double by 2040, some the Democratic National administrative unit and Republican National Committee are also launching new ways to court young Asian-American voters.

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Desi Power Online | Alternet

Our lives took drastically contrary paths since high school, and once we had departed purchasing that day, I was excited to buy a braided belt and she a Dyson space cleaner. "Now we're in what's titled the group action Age; young adults are actively and without faltering victimization the computer network as not only a assets pool, but a puppet to get occurrence with," Kazi added. She was a in flood school person of mine, and we had met up for coffee when I went dwelling this break. In the bypast match of years, I have witnessed an explosion of southbound Asian dweller juvenile person subcultures on the web."We've done for done many different phases in period of time of the internet," says Sumaya Kazi, co-founder of the website The Desi Connect, a new hebdomadally e-magazine and website manageable at southerly Asian youth. She's a fourth-grade instructor now, goes to bible learning every Thursday, and is a wed homeowner. With the advent of listserves, online communities, policy-making blogs, we have lettered that the web is a great activism peter and a important resource to national organizing.

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Programs: Program Overview - AALDEF

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