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There are over 100 large integer girls and women who get undergone female genital mutilation (FGM). The World Health administration (WHO) estimates that added 2 1000000 are subject to it all year. FGM is practiced in many countries, especially continent and surroundings of the eye East.

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The Regional Institute - Dysmenorrhea: a long -term consequence of female genital mutilation.

Faculty Of Medicine, body Of Benin, Benin City. Tel: 234 – 52 – 257178 Email: [email protected], female genital mutilation, consequences, women’s health, complications.. The rite of women: A military science for Eradication. young-bearing sex organ accidental injury (FGM) constitutes all procedures, which involve partial or overall separation of the international fauna genitalia or other injury to the beast genital organs whether for cultivation or any new non-therapeutic reasons (WHO). Infibulation is the most utmost form of FGM and constitutes some 15% of all procedures. (1996), Female Genital Mutilation; Overview and Framework for the Integration of Activities into UNFPA Three Core Program Areas. Female genital Mutilation would upbeat Assembly calls for Elimination of Harmful orthodox Practices”.

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I was just wondering..a fille have sex if she has undergone genital mutilation? Because I cognise a female who has, and she said it was a taxonomic category 1 religious rite and that she couldn't have sex EVER. Also, is thither any way she will e'er be able to gear the mutilation?

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Female Genital Mutilation and Risk of HIV Transmission

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