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There are finished 100 million girls and women who rich person undergone pistillate genital injury (FGM). The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that another 2 meg are susceptible to it every year. FGM is practiced in some countries, particularly Africa and environment of the country East.

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The Regional Institute - Dysmenorrhea: a long -term consequence of female genital mutilation.

Faculty Of Medicine, establishment Of Benin, Benin City. Tel: 234 – 52 – 257178 Email: [email protected], female genital mutilation, consequences, women’s health, complications.. The circumcision of women: A strategy for Eradication. distaff genital injury (FGM) constitutes all procedures, which refer partial or total removal of the extraneous female genitals or past injury to the female genital organ whether for appreciation or any other non-therapeutic reasons (WHO). Infibulation is the virtually distant form of FGM and constitutes approximately 15% of all procedures. (1996), creature Genital Mutilation; Overview and framing for the Integration of Activities into UNFPA Three Core programme Areas. Female reproductive organ Mutilation would Health Assembly calls for Elimination of Harmful Traditional Practices”.

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I was conscionable wondering..a adult female experience sex if she has undergone reproductive organ mutilation? Because I know a girl who has, and she said it was a eccentric 1 abscission and that she couldn't have sex EVER. Also, is location any way she will ever be healthy to oppositeness the mutilation?

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Female Genital Mutilation and Risk of HIV Transmission

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