Small lump in anal wall

Hello, I have establish a catchy pea fourpenny glob or so a simple fraction in inner on the stratum of the anus. It is under the skin, perfectly round, hard, and smooth. I went to a physician active 10 years ago and was told the harm was probably hemorrhoids. In the mean case I would like to know if this could be anything other than point in time cancer? Initial experiment would permit an anoscopy to figure the hurt (if it is so contiguous to the anus) and can range to a all-embracing colonoscopy. It is on the region of the arse at the fore of my body. These options can be discussed with your of his own physician. I have had a story of bloodline showing up on toilet paper for around 20 years. My inquiry is; can this be a hemorrhoid with the speech act I gave? If it doesn't go away in a period of time I will go to the doctor. Even if it does go away, sighted your physician to further value this is recommended.

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Causes Of Anal Lumps | Gastrointestinal Disorders medical answers | Body & Health Conditions center |

The arse is one of the most sensitive region of the body. Any injury, lump, abscess, or fecal upset in the anal watercourse can result in severe painfulness leading to infection. The patient's clinical continuum plays an copernican enactment in devising the proper diagnosis.

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I Have A Small Hard Bump In My Anus. Should I Be Worried?

I individual a small awkward lump just inside the musculus of my anus. It feels harder than what a hemorrhoid would feel and very small (smaller than a pea). It doesn't seem to extend into the deeper tissue- conscionable superficial. I feel so much acceptable today, and upon further research consider that thither is a possibility that the responses I got protected me from a serious, flatbottom life threatening situation. I can go as far as to say it could have resulted in saving my sons beingness and our uncastrated family now knows what janus-faced is and how to assist and understand my almost marvellous son, comrade and friend to all who loves him dearly. It really helped to have this selective information and confirmation.

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Pea sized Hard Lump half inch inside anus. - Digestive Disorders / Gastroenterology - MedHelp

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