Sound card amateur packet radio modems

AGW mailboat Driver - SV2AGW collection radio driver, runs TCP/IP rule complete radio, support windows 95/98/NT and several devices like baycom and, E5DXL 9600 G3RUH compatible modems, DRSI and Sound cards by SV2AGW patron saint Rossopoulos. Easyterm EZT3271 - Easyterm for Windows(3and above) is a sophisticated mercenary use engrossed for the amateur operator who wants to utilize all of the features of the AEA, HAL, Kantronics or SCS (PTC-II) modems from aggregation to AMtor, PACTOR, PACTOR-II(PTC-II), GTor(Kam ), Clover(HAL) or PSK31 (PTC-II). Flex Net - Flex Net Group in Darmstadt, Germany, group of people who spend their instance in underdeveloped software for person Packet-Radio purposes.

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West Mountain Radio - RIGblaster - Links to Ham Radio Sound Card Software

Real time DSP percolate particularly for applications of amateur radios IIR, FIR filter, low-pass, high-pass, band-pass filter, band suppressor (notch filter) on an individual basis adjustablenoise filter, irregular intercommunicate filter, hum filter, peak filterfrequency standardisation and invertingmixer supportsupport of several soundcards (also virtual soundcards) e.g VAC essential component Cablesmall march sizesimple to usemultiple language support The Ro Mac 10 Band weight 2012 coupled with your present computer's soundcard, affords you the ok Windows supported extremity equalizer made for the Amateur communication system community. mistreatment professional techniques such as audio equalization will enhance the oftenness quality of your signal. The Ro Mac 10 striation equaliser 2012 is like having a brimming faced audio flat in one package.

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Debian Hamradio Packet modes packages

Aprsdigi is a specialized individual package Radio (AX.25) UI-frame digipeater for the autoloading Position reportage Systems, APRS(tm). It uses the Linux core AX.25 network stack as all right as the SOCK_PACKET facility to obey for packets on one or more radio interfaces (ports) and restate those packets -- with individual feasible modifications -- on the same or some other interfaces. Aprsdigi can also use the Internet to burrow connections among other APRS digipeaters and nodes victimisation IPv4 or IPv6 UDP unicast or multicast. It supports fourfold KISS-TNCs on asynchronous ports and listening to any kernel AX.25 network interfaces.

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Packet Radio - Software: Packet

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